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Gaëlle & Pierre MARTIN

After the L’IGUANE in Mérignac, a new course has been charted : downtown Bordeaux, the vibrance of urban life, beauty and goodness ! In an iconic place, full of charm and rich in historic landmarks of Bordeaux outings, the ambition of a beautiful Brasserie that offers an extensive selection of the finest wines of Bordeaux vineyards and other grapes.



A well-travelled kitchen manager who has developed his cooking skills in various parts of the world - Corsica, The Dominican Republic, St Barthelemy, Los Angeles - Jean-Christophe has signed on to our project and has made the choice to join us and back us up in our demand of high-quality products, of complete mastery of cooking times and seasonings.



A strong-minded and always smiling young woman – and you do need character in a restaurant - Charlotte, with some great work experience at the 3-Michelin star Pavillon Ledoyen, 2-Michelin star Georges Besson in Paris, at the Ritz or at the Hôtel du Palais in Biarritz, was spoilt for professional choice as a Chef but has decided to join our crew !


The coordinator of the dining area, with an elitist career - the Tour d’Argent, the Georges V and Joël Robuchon’s table - should definitely contribute to a perfect harmony


Dining out

Nouveau : Le 1925 s'emporte Vous pouvez maintenant commander et emporter votre repas